The Partner's Path recognizes that while each person’s experience is unique, many people married to Episcopal clergy have experienced a profound change in their relationship with the church. If you previously considered the church a place of nourishment, this shift can mean a sense of loss—even grief—and it can become difficult to fully use your gifts in the church that is also your spouse’s place of employment. 

If you are not Episcopalian, or even Christian, there may be pressure to show up or participate in ways that are not comfortable or authentic to who you are.

We want to support the spouses of the clergy in this uncertain space so that they are heard, valued, and can build relationships of support. In addition, we believe The Episcopal Church will be strengthened and vitalized by providing nationwide support for its clergy spouses.

In pursuit of that goal The Partner's Path provides online and local tools to connect clergy spouses with each other through both classes and retreats designed to not only give you tools to navigate the church, but to care for your own soul and nourish the unique gifts you have to offer the world. We also publish articles, and collect resources from around the church. If you have resources you would like to share please contact us!

Our Mission

"The mission of The Partner’s Path is to provide an interfaith place of connection and soul care for spouses of clergy in the Episcopal Church, so that the diversity of gifts they possess might be offered more fully to the world."

Meet the Staff

Laura Jackson Executive Director

Laura Jackson

is the Executive Director of The Partner's Path.  A Leadership Coach and D.Min. candidate in Spirituality, Laura studies and writes about the spiritual lives of clergy spouses.  She is the founder of Holy Ground Coaching and a coach at Province V's Leadership Coaching Project.  She has been a chaplain, crisis counselor, trauma therapist, and a spiritual director.  Laura is fascinated by human flourishing and unlocking joy.  She lives in Evanston, Illinois with a small dog, a middle-sized kid, and a seminary president.

Ardelle Walters

Ardelle Walters is the Founder and Director of Donor Relations at Partner’s Path. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Ardelle has extensive experience working with adults on a wide range of issues.  A clergy spouse herself, she also has a keen interest in the emotional well-being of clergy and their families.  Ardelle serves on a network of therapists for the Presbyterian Church in Arkansas, and has also served as faculty on CREDO, Planning for Wellness, Provincial Retiree Gatherings, and Success After Seminary for Episcopal clergy and their spouses nationwide.  In her private practice, Ardelle happily sees clients of all faith traditions including the non-traditions and nonreligious.  Her free time usually includes yoga, running, walking, writing, an occasional bike ride, daydreaming, and baking (usually muffins).  Ardelle and her husband Scott have two grown children, Alden and Kate, plus a bonus daughter Hannah -- all of whom are amazing twenty-somethings.

Meet Our Board

Charles Zaucha

Charles is the President of the Board of Directors for The Partner's Path.  A father of 6 children, Charles resides with his husband in Woodstock, Illinois on a hobby farm with sheep, goats, ducks, turkeys, chickens and a pig.  His career in cartography has taken him across the country and around the world.  He currently works at Nicor Gas supervising a team responsible for protection of their natural gas pipelines across Illinois.  Episcopalian by marriage, Charles has been a clergy spouse since 2018 when his husband began his first call.  In addition to his role with The Partner’s Path, he leads the clergy spouse group in the Diocese of Chicago.  

JoAnne Doyle

JoAnne serves as Secretary of the Board. She is also a mom, gardener, book lover, cat lady, and married to the 9th Bishop of the Diocese of Texas.

Natalie Harvey

Natalie Harvey serves as Treasurer of the Board. Natalie is a teacher in New York City. She is also a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend ... and one of her super powers is naming and affirming the inherent gifts of the people around her.

Natalie Harvey

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