Thank you for helping us provide a place of connection and soul care for Episcopal clergy spouses.  We are addressing chronic issues of isolation and spiritual burnout, and your donation directly contributes to that work.  Together, we are making a difference for this group of extraordinary people.  

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The Partner’s Path
PO Box 5149
Evanston IL 60201

Thank you for supporting those who support us...

A special note of thanks to all those whose monetary support makes The Partner's Path possible. And especially to our Foundational Support and Partner level donors.

Foundational Supporters ($5,000+):

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, Bishop of Southern Ohio

The Rt. Rev. Carlye Hughes, Bishop of Newark

The Rt. Rev. Andy Doyle, Bishop of Texas

The Rt. Rev. Jose McLoughlin, Bishop of Western North Carolina

The Rt. Rev. Phoebe Roaf, Bishop of West Tennessee

Partners ($100-$4,999)

The Rt. Rev. Larry R. Benfield, Bishop of Arkansas

Martha Boyd, Memphis, Tennessee

Del Boyette, Little Rock, Arkansas

The Rt. Rev. Kevin Brown, Bishop of Delaware

Lisa Buckner & Kiersten Schnacke, Memphis, Tennessee

Stephen Bush, Memphis, Tennessee

Bena Cates, Memphis, Tennessee

The Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas, Bishop of Connecticut

Lee Duncan, Memphis, Tennessee

Nancy Fritschner, Louisville, Kentucky

The Keller Fund for Mission, Little Rock, Arkansas

Zada Hart Gates, Memphis, Tennessee

The Rt. Rev. Scott Mayer, Bishop of Northwest Texas

Jim McHugh & Christine Althoff, Little Rock, Arkansas

The Rev. Dan Matthews, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York

The Rev. Tom Momberg, Memphis, Tennessee

Renee Patey, Memphis, Tennessee

The Rt. Rev. Gretchen Rehberg, Bishop of Spokane

The Rt. Rev. Sam Rodman, Bishop of North Carolina

Nino Shipp, Memphis, Tennessee

The Rt. Rev. John Sloan, Bishop of Alabama

Scott & Ardelle Walters, Memphis, Tennessee

Allison Wetter, Germantown, Tennessee

Debbie Wollard, Saline, Michigan

John and Katie Owen, Memphis TN


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