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We support spouses of Episcopal clergy through community building, education, resources, and soul care, so that you might flourish in your community and in the world.

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To all of you whose life partners are ordained in our Church, thank you. Thank you for who you are, for being you. If you are active in the church, thank you. Thank you for coming even though it means being present at your spouse’s place of employment and carrying that awareness every time you come to worship and in every interaction with members of the church community. If you choose not to be a part of the church, for whatever reason, thank you for that too. Thank you for being willing to go against the grain a little (or a lot) to make your own life choices and to be as fully you as you can be.

Thank you for figuring out who your pastor will be, or how to do without one. To those of you who are home alone or home parenting by yourself for much of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Easter, thank you. Thank you for enduring the loneliness and for shouldering much of the work of holidays for your family, maybe in the midst of deep exhaustion. Thank you for all the times you don’t take those frustrations out on church members.

Thank you for following your call. You make a difference in The Episcopal Church and in the world. Your path is sacred. The partner’s path. Your path.

Upcoming Events

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Visio Divina: A New Way of Seeing with Dr. Awa Jangha Monday, December 5 at 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT To register, click HERE. This workshop will highlight the practice of Visio Divina as a means of self-care.  Images (whether engaged with in person, within a photograph, or a […]

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Facilitated by Lanie Flanagan, MAT, Certified 500hr Kripalu Yoga TeacherSunday, December 18 at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT REGISTER Lanie has been a clergy partner for almost 20 years, and a practitioner of yoga for 15 years. She serves on the Planning Committee for SPICE, the Diocese of New York’s […]


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